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Doctors & Patients: Partners in Health

Health care provided by the same family doctor over time, leads to more satisfied patients and better health care.


As your family doctor, it's my job to provide you with medical care, maintain your medical record and coordinate referrals to other health care providers when they are needed.


As my patient, your role in your own health care is to try to see me and my team first for your health care needs since we know your health history and goals. This helps avoid duplicate tests, medication errors and even hospitalizations. Ultimately, it helps me to provide you with better, safer care.

As your family doctor, I and my practice team agree to:


PROVIDE you with the best care that I can

COORDINATE any specialty care you may need

OFFER you timely access to care, to the best of my ability

MAINTAIN an ongoing record of your health

KEEP you updated on any changes to services offered at my clinic

COMMUNICATE with you honestly and openly so we can best address your health care needs

As my patient, I ask that you:

SEEK your health care from me and my team whenever possible and, in my absence, through my colleague(s) at Burnaby UPCC or Kensington Clinic

NAME me as your family doctor if you have to visit an emergency facility or another provider

COMMUNICATE with me honestly and openly so we can best address your health care needs

ATTEND your nearest emergency ward for urgent or emergent concerns after hours

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